Who & What? The PLANET ARGON development team is going to catch the train (Amtrak) from Portland, Oregon all the way to the windy city for RailsConf 2006! Come along with us as we hack in Ruby on Rails the whole way there!

Ruby on Rails... on Rails!
The Map! Portland to RailsConf
Come Along! PLANET ARGON is organizing and planning the trip. Join us as we ride the rails there and fly back after the conference. We hope to leave June 18th or 19th... so that we can get there a day or so before RailsConf starts.
  • Amtrak (one-way from Portland) $134
  • RailsConf (early-early bird special) $400
  • Flight from Chicago to PDX ~$200
  • Hotel (room sharing?) $50-100/night
  • Current Attendees
    1. Alain Bloch
    2. Brian Ford
    3. Chris Anderson
    4. Dave Goodlad
    5. Jamie Macey
    6. Jason Watkins
    7. Jeremy Hubert
    8. Jeremy Voorhis
    9. Josh Knowles
    10. Mark Anderson
    11. Nathan Witmer
    12. Robby Russell
    13. Sean Porter
    14. Steven Baker
    15. Trevor Squires
    16. Vince Nibler

    Before Boarding
    Interested? Email argonexpress@planetargon.com with your contact information and we will send you a basecamp invitation.

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